A Crash Course in Theology

Deep Dive from Chap Clark | Theology. For some a spooky—or at least outdated—word, especially when we’re trying to be authentic and relevant. But all theology means is how we respond to what we believe and know about God. We might think that all we need in youth ministry is to “love Jesus and love kids,” yet how we actually put that phrase into practice makes all the difference. Knowing what we believe about and act on will impact everything we do in youth ministry—from the way we speak and teach to our philosophy of games and mission projects. Each student longs for a real and life-changing connection with God, and most of them don’t even know it. That’s where our theology comes in: as we seek to love kids in Christ’s name, we partner with the Holy Spirit’s work in the lives of the kids and families we serve. That’s theology, and that’s this seminar. Practical, real, fun, and essential.