Don't Do This

Len Kageler & Jonathan Hobbs

“This book is a place where failures are allowed. This is a book about the decisions we made that we’d like to take back.” But this book about more than failure, it’s a book of help and hope as well. In a ministry world where “success” is demanded, it’s important to remember that our creative ministry programming ideas won’t turn out perfect every time and the relational proficiency expected in youth work almost always requires learning the hard way. “Perhaps you have heard the saying that ‘only one idea out of ten succeeds’ …This is a book about the other nine ideas.” These stories, told first person from youth workers across the continent, include failures in the fundamentals of youth ministry, with youth themselves, with parents and volunteers, and with church and parachurch leadership as well. You’ll also find questions for personal reflection or group discussion, as well as youth ministry class assignments for college and seminary use.


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