Energizing Families’ Spiritual Lives

Jim Burn | One of the greatest callings in life is to build a spiritual legacy for kids. This seminar will focus on how to model and offer spiritual values to kids so that they will develop a positive, vibrant relationship with God. There are many things a youth worker can do, as well as partner with parents to energize kids’ spiritual lives. This seminar will look at how to include God’s presence in a kid’s life, build renewal times, and help families in your church develop spiritual times together.

One of the horrible statistics of this decade is that up to 65% of today’s young people will leave the church sometime after they graduate from high school, but there is a 300% better chance of your kids staying in the church if there are healthy faith conversations that take place in church and the home. Jim will help you have positive conversations about faith, sexuality, friendships, creating a media safe home, peer influence and a host of other important issues.