Four Views On Talking To Teenagers About Sex

Edited by Mark Oestreicher | Sex is essential and awkward, divine and messy, seemingly simple and yet often incredible complex. It’s no wonder we as youth workers often struggle with how best to approach this vast but critical topic with teenagers—and sometimes avoid bringing it up altogether. 4 Views on Talking to Teenagers About Sex reflects the thoughts, experiences, and practical advice of four in-the-trenches youth workers, who have spent years having these conversations with the teenagers in their ministries.

Representing an array of viewpoints, these writers don’t agree on everything—but they all know that our conversations with teens about sex must speak to God’s design, avoid shame, and go far beyond any one instance of “the talk.” Here you’ll find tips on how to engage in honest conversation, what topics to approach, and how to help youth reflect on and behave according to sexual ethics that honor God, themselves, and others—in their teen years, and through all of the phases of adulthood to come. This book won’t attempt to give you all the answers, but it will fuel your thoughts, challenge you, and encourage you to continue these essential conversations with the youth in your ministry.


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