Have You Ever?

Les Christie

Have you ever. . .? -Thought you were going to die? (When? Where? What brought you through it? – Been a teacher’s pet? (What grade? How did you feel?) – Had a miracle happen to you? (What happened? Who did you tell?) – Said something you didn’t mean just to be polite? (Why did you do it? What situation would cause you to do it again?) Inside are 442 more zingers like these, that nudge your kids’ memories and get them talking — perfect for launching small-group discussion, building community, getting a laugh and triggering hard thinking about situations and people that matter most to teenagers. Keep Have You Ever . . .? handy — stick it in your pocket, your backpack, your car’s glove box — because you’ll never know when you need a leading question to get conversation rolling with an individual or a group.


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