Helping Hurting Kids

Deep Dive from Marv Penner | The issues kids face today are increasingly complex. Increasingly we find students who have experienced bullying, incest, date rape, family breakup or other painful circumstances. These violations make it more difficult for kids to accept our love—and ultimately much more difficult to experience intimacy with God. This course will affirm the significant role we can have as caring, involved adults in the lives of hurting teenagers. We know that kids will tell their stories to adults whom they find to be available, authentic and accepting. Marv will help you understand—in practical everyday language—what is going on behind these behaviors and he’ll give you some practical help in determining appropriate responses. Important people-helping skills will reduce your fear and anxiety when kids choose to unload their stories on you. You’ll be taught to recognize your own limitations and learn the principles of effective referral when you find yourself out of your depth.