Helping Teens and Youth Workers Make Wise Decisions

Breakout by Brian Berry and Crystal Kirgiss | We all know teens need wisdom. Teenagers enjoy greater privileges and freedoms than before, and they also experience greater consequences. Their decisions will shape their habits, relationships, and personal identities for years to come. And we need wisdom, too. We can – and should – be saying to our students, “I’m with you in this,” because wisdom is never fully attained. We must continue to seek wisdom and grow in it every day. In this seminar we’ll talk about the various sources of wisdom available to teens today, and we’ll unpack the power of godly wisdom. All of the ideas, materials, theological truths, and resources – which have been tested, tried, and proven to be transformational for both teens and adults – can easily be used in both large- and small-group ministries as well as in your own devotional life.