How We Read the Bible

By Matthew Laidlaw | Bring Scripture to life with teenagers.

As much as youth leaders may love the Bible, we often handle it poorly in our ministries. We get stuck in ruts. We worry about “relevance” but fail to see the depth of what’s already there. We wonder:

  • Is there more than one way to read and study the Bible in our youth ministry?
  • How can we engage the Bible so they’ll want to keep reading?
  • What do we do with all of our students’ questions about what we read in the Bible?
  • How can engaging the Bible be a spiritual experience, not just an educational exercise?
  • Plus, the question we’re all asking: What should we do at youth group next week?

This book is for anyone who has struggled to know how to open the Bible with young people in large groups, small groups, Sunday school, mentoring relationships, or through camps and retreats. Drawing from over a dozen years of FYI’s research with young people and churches, this resource focuses in on Matt’s own experience reading the Bible firsthand and attempting to teach it to students as a youth pastor.

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