Hyper-Connected 24:7 - Teaching Kids to Follow Jesus on the Digital Frontier

Deep Dive from Walt Mueller | Our kids are so tethered to their technology that many experts say they see their smartphones as extensions of themselves. Because their lives are and will be engaged with God’s good gift of technology, our youth ministries fail if we don’t teach kids how to live life with technology. Still, most youth ministries are not teaching kids how to engage with technology in ways that promote human flourishing. Walt Mueller will take you into the world of kids and their hyper-connections, looking at why the connections are important, what those connections teach us about kids and their ministry needs, how those connections shape/misshape their lives and what we can do to nurture them into living for the glory of God in their hyper-connected world. Walt will help you think foundationally, practically, theologically and theoretically about social media, screens and the role they play in the lives of students, families and even us as youth workers.