Live Free

Ben Crawshaw & Jared Jones

What does that word mean to you? Your own car? Summer break? Graduation? No stress?

No matter how you define freedom, it’s probably something you want. Because freedom allows you to truly live as you truly are.

Now think about this: What would freedom look like in your relationship with God? That’s tougher to answer, isn’t it? For most of us, God and freedom don’t go together naturally. Our thoughts typically drift to words like obedience, discipline, and good behavior. And while those are great things, what if God actually wants something more for us? Something better?

That’s what Live Free is all about: discovering something better.

This five-week, interactive journal will give you a glimpse into Paul’s journey from religion to relationship. You’ll discover how an encounter with Jesus forever changed Paul’s view of God, other people, and the world.

Because of Jesus, Paul learned to live free.

And so can you.


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