Recognizing the Warning Signs of Anxiety and Depression in Teens and How to Help Them Through

Chinwe Williams | While the mental health profession is a licensed, reputable, state-regulated industry; churches and faith-based programs are often the first places families in crisis go for help. Unfortunately, children whose mental illness has not been diagnosed or treated may be placed in the care of well-meaning youth leaders who are not necessarily equipped to identify or respond responsibly to their issues. These situations can be disheartening for the children and overwhelming for the youth leaders.

This presentation equips youth workers with the knowledge and skills they need to deal with sensitive mental health matters in a safe and responsible manner. Through the course, participants will learn to recognize the signs of youth who are struggling, learn specific skills to know how to reach out comfortably and responsibly to a child, learn when to refer a child or family for professional help, and learn about the resources that are available to them.