Self-Awareness 301: Leading and Living After the Enneagram

Terry Linhart | Christian leaders benefit from taking time to step away from youth ministry’s spotlight and to invest in their own personal and spiritual health. It’s partly why many of us come to NYWC each year! The popularity of the Enneagram has shown how life-giving it is to discover how God has gifted us, how we’ve been shaped through the years, and how we interact with our work and others.

This Deep Dive is a fresh opportunity to get away, unplug, and invest in your life as a Christian youth worker. We don’t do that often enough. We won’t just listen and learn about self-awareness, but you will leave feeling renewed, with sharpened leadership skills, and with fresh confidence for the ministry that God has given you to lead. This interactive and innovative Deep Dive is facilitated by veteran youth worker and leadership coach, Terry Linhart, author of The Self-Aware Leader.