Self-Awareness 301: Leading and Living After the Enneagram

Terry Linhart | You know your Enneagram number, your Myers-Briggs type, and your strengths… now what? What do we do when life and ministry just keep pressing in and we feel like we’re not quite where we need to be and we aren’t sure where God wants us to be? Life beyond 35 presents its unique challenges and identity development doesn’t end. We can easily feel “stuck” with ourselves, with our work, and with those pesky problems that keep popping up in our relationships, work, faith, and in our minds. Add in the fact that youth ministry is like a 30-ton press that presses out all sorts of personal issues and, we can feel stuck during some seasons of ministry and life. This seminar is for the veterans who want to take a deep and honest dive beyond the “101” self-awareness. Terry Linhart, author of The Self-Aware Leader (IVP) guides this seminar… and we’ll close the doors so we can be honest and real.