To Hug or Not to Hug - Loving Kids Well Without Crossing the Line

Marv Penner | How do we develop and maintain meaningful relationships with students? What are the appropriate boundaries when it comes to one-on-one conversations, spending time together, connecting with kids after school or working together on a ministry project? What are some of the dangers we need to be aware of in the context of a “counselling” or mentoring relationship? How do we handle requests for confidentiality? How much are we obliged to tell parents about what’s going on in the private world of their teenager? What sort of damage is done when a leader blows it relationally or morally? What are the next steps when we or one of our volunteers crosses a line? These are some of the thorny questions that we need to address in order to do youth ministry with integrity. This workshop will address these questions and more with practical tools that will help you guard your life and ministry.