What Do I Do When Teenagers Question Their Sexuality?

Steven Gerali | Dr. Gerali often encounters parents, counselors, teachers and youth workers who start the conversation with “What do I do when . . .”  That pending question birth this new series of books, each addressing six daunting and difficult situations that, when they do happen, often leave youth workers and parents feeling unprepared.

Each book defines the issue, explores how different theological perspectives can impact the situation, offers helpful, practical tips, along with credible resources to help the reader go deeper into the issues they’re dealing with.

In What Do I Do When Teenagers Question Their Sexuality?Dr. Gerali will help you:

  • Understand the Issue of sexual orientation, including the culture of gay teenagers
  • Grasp the struggle of gay teens, including coming out, bullying and harassment, and at-risk behaviors and consequences
  • Explore how theology informs the issue of sexual orientation
  • Delve into questions that demand theological consideration, such as “Why doesn’t God take this away?” and “Will I go to hell because I’m gay?”
  • Get tips for creating a safe environment for all teens
  • Find ways to help parents struggling with a teen who is questioning his or her sexuality
  • Minister to a teen diagnosed with HIV/AIDS

With What Do I Do When Teenagers Question Their Sexuality? You’ll have what you need to offer help and hope to hurting teens and their families, and you’ll find plenty of resources for help beyond what you’re able to give.


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