Woo: Awakening Teenagers Desire To Follow In The Way Of Jesus

Morgan Schmidt

What if teenagers wanted to follow Jesus, not just avoid hell?

Desire makes us who we are. What teenagers want whether they possess it, long for it, are terrified by it, deny it, pursue it, or give up on it impacts their relationships, dictates their actions, forms their character, and shapes their beliefs. So if they actually want Jesus or the church or the kingdom, then they re more likely to keep wanting their faith beyond youth group.

Woo connects teenagers good desires with the Good News. It s an invitation to reimagine the church as a place where students desires are honored; where they will encounter the One who desires and can participate with God in restoring the world.

Woo isn’t another method or gimmick that will bring students flocking to youth group. Instead, it suggests a way of being one that begins with us. This isn’t sexy youth ministry, but it s good.


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